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package kube

import ""


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flags.go kube.go settings.go

func New Uses

func New(ctx api.Context) (resource.Environment, error)

New returns a new Kubernetes environment

type Environment Uses

type Environment struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Environment is the implementation of a kubernetes environment. It implements environment.Environment, and also hosts publicly accessible methods that are specific to cluster environment.

func (*Environment) Apply Uses

func (e *Environment) Apply(namespace, ymlFile string) error

Apply applies the config in the given filename to the namespace.

func (*Environment) ApplyContents Uses

func (e *Environment) ApplyContents(namespace, yml string) error

ApplyContents applies the given yaml contents to the namespace.

func (*Environment) ApplyContentsDryRun Uses

func (e *Environment) ApplyContentsDryRun(namespace, yml string) error

ApplyContentsDryRun applies the given yaml contents to the namespace in DryRun mode.

func (*Environment) ApplyDryRun Uses

func (e *Environment) ApplyDryRun(namespace, ymlFile string) error

ApplyDryRun applies the config in the given filename to the namespace in DryRun mode.

func (*Environment) Case Uses

func (e *Environment) Case(name environment.Name, fn func())

EnvironmentName implements environment.Instance

func (*Environment) Delete Uses

func (e *Environment) Delete(namespace, ymlFile string) error

Deletes the config in the given filename from the namespace.

func (*Environment) DeleteContents Uses

func (e *Environment) DeleteContents(namespace, yml string) error

Deletes the given yaml contents from the namespace.

func (*Environment) DeployYaml Uses

func (e *Environment) DeployYaml(namespace, yamlFile string) (*deployment.Instance, error)

func (*Environment) EnvironmentName Uses

func (e *Environment) EnvironmentName() environment.Name

EnvironmentName implements environment.Instance

func (*Environment) ID Uses

func (e *Environment) ID() resource.ID

ID implements resource.Instance

func (*Environment) Settings Uses

func (e *Environment) Settings() *Settings

type Settings Uses

type Settings struct {
    // Path to kube config file. Required if the environment is kubernetes.
    KubeConfig string

    // Indicates that the Ingress Gateway is not available. This typically happens in Minikube. The Ingress
    // component will fall back to node-port in this case.
    Minikube bool

Settings provide kube-specific Settings from flags.

func (*Settings) String Uses

func (s *Settings) String() string

String implements fmt.Stringer

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