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package gcemetadata

import ""

Package gcemetadata provides basic utilities around configuring the fake GCE Metadata Server component for integration testing.


Package Files

gcemetadata.go kube.go

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    // Cluster to be used in a multicluster environment
    Cluster resource.Cluster

Config defines the options for creating an fake GCE Metadata Server component.

type Instance Uses

type Instance interface {
    // Address is the IP Address of the service provided by the fake GCE
    // Metadata Server.
    Address() string

Instance represents a deployed GCE Metadata Server app instance.

func New Uses

func New(ctx resource.Context, c Config) (i Instance, err error)

New returns a new instance of stackdriver.

func NewOrFail Uses

func NewOrFail(t test.Failer, ctx resource.Context, c Config) Instance

NewOrFail returns a new GCE Metadata Server instance or fails test.

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