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package istio

import ""


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const (
    // DefaultSystemNamespace default value for SystemNamespace
    DefaultSystemNamespace = "istio-system"

    // ValuesMcpFile for Istio Helm deployment.
    E2EValuesFile = "test-values/values-e2e.yaml"

    // DefaultDeployTimeout for Istio
    DefaultDeployTimeout = time.Second * 300

    // TODO( This timeout is insanely large, but Prow seems to take a lot of time
    //  pulling images.
    // DefaultCIDeployTimeout for Istio
    DefaultCIDeployTimeout = time.Minute * 20

    // DefaultUndeployTimeout for Istio.
    DefaultUndeployTimeout = time.Second * 300

    // DefaultCIUndeployTimeout for Istio.
    DefaultCIUndeployTimeout = time.Second * 900
const (
    DefaultValidatingWebhookConfigurationName = "istio-galley"
    DefaultMutatingWebhookConfigurationName   = "istio-sidecar-injector"

func Indent Uses

func Indent(text, indent string) string

indents a block of text with an indent string

func Setup Uses

func Setup(i *Instance, cfn SetupConfigFn) resource.SetupFn

Setup is a setup function that will deploy Istio on Kubernetes environment

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    // The namespace where the Istio components (<=1.1) reside in a typical deployment (default: "istio-system").
    SystemNamespace string

    // The namespace in which istio ca and cert provisioning components are deployed.
    IstioNamespace string

    // The namespace in which config, discovery and auto-injector are deployed.
    ConfigNamespace string

    // The namespace in which mixer, kiali, tracing providers, graphana, prometheus are deployed.
    TelemetryNamespace string

    // The namespace in which istio policy checker is deployed.
    PolicyNamespace string

    // The namespace in which istio ingressgateway is deployed
    IngressNamespace string

    // The namespace in which istio egressgateway is deployed
    EgressNamespace string

    // DeployTimeout the timeout for deploying Istio.
    DeployTimeout time.Duration

    // UndeployTimeout the timeout for undeploying Istio.
    UndeployTimeout time.Duration

    // The top-level Helm chart dir.
    ChartDir string

    // The top-level Helm Crds files dir.
    CrdsFilesDir string

    // The Helm values file to be used.
    ValuesFile string

    // Override values specifically for the ICP crd
    // This is mostly required for cases where --set cannot be used
    // If specified, Values will be ignored
    ControlPlaneValues string

    // Overrides for the Helm values file.
    Values map[string]string

    // Indicates that the test should deploy Istio into the target Kubernetes cluster before running tests.
    DeployIstio bool

    // Operator determines if we should use the operator for installation
    Operator bool

    // Do not wait for the validation webhook before completing the deployment. This is useful for
    // doing deployments without Galley.
    SkipWaitForValidationWebhook bool

    // CustomSidecarInjectorNamespace allows injecting the sidecar from the specified namespace.
    // if the value is "", use the default sidecar injection instead.
    CustomSidecarInjectorNamespace string

Config provide kube-specific Config from flags.

func DefaultConfig Uses

func DefaultConfig(ctx resource.Context) (Config, error)

DefaultConfig creates a new Config from defaults, environments variables, and command-line parameters.

func DefaultConfigOrFail Uses

func DefaultConfigOrFail(t test.Failer, ctx resource.Context) Config

DefaultConfigOrFail calls DefaultConfig and fails t if an error occurs.

func (*Config) IsMtlsEnabled Uses

func (c *Config) IsMtlsEnabled() bool

IsMtlsEnabled checks in Values flag and Values file.

func (*Config) IstioControlPlane Uses

func (c *Config) IstioControlPlane() string

func (*Config) String Uses

func (c *Config) String() string

String implements fmt.Stringer

type Instance Uses

type Instance interface {

    Settings() Config

Instance represents a deployed Istio instance

func Deploy Uses

func Deploy(ctx resource.Context, cfg *Config) (Instance, error)

Deploy deploys (or attaches to) an Istio deployment and returns a handle. If cfg is nil, then DefaultConfig is used.

type SetupConfigFn Uses

type SetupConfigFn func(cfg *Config)

SetupConfigFn is a setup function that specifies the overrides of the configuration to deploy Istio.

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