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package mixer

import ""


Package Files

client.go kube.go mixer.go native.go

type CheckResponse Uses

type CheckResponse struct {
    Raw *istioMixerV1.CheckResponse

CheckResponse that is returned from a Mixer Check call.

func (*CheckResponse) Succeeded Uses

func (c *CheckResponse) Succeeded() bool

Succeeded returns true if the precondition check was successful.

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    Galley galley.Instance

type Instance Uses

type Instance interface {
    Report(t test.Failer, attributes map[string]interface{})
    Check(t test.Failer, attributes map[string]interface{}) CheckResponse
    GetCheckAddress() net.Addr
    GetReportAddress() net.Addr

func New Uses

func New(ctx resource.Context, cfg Config) (i Instance, err error)

New returns a new instance of echo.

func NewOrFail Uses

func NewOrFail(t test.Failer, c resource.Context, config Config) Instance

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