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package namespace

import ""


Package Files

kube.go namespace.go

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    // Prefix to use for autogenerated namespace name
    Prefix string
    // Inject indicates whether to add sidecar injection label to this namespace
    Inject bool
    // Revision is the namespace of custom injector instance
    Revision string
    // Labels to be applied to namespace
    Labels map[string]string

Config contains configuration information about the namespace instance

type Instance Uses

type Instance interface {
    Name() string
    SetLabel(key, value string) error
    RemoveLabel(key string) error

Instance represents an allocated namespace that can be used to create config, or deploy components in.

func Claim Uses

func Claim(ctx resource.Context, nsConfig Config) (i Instance, err error)

Claim an existing namespace in all clusters, or create a new one if doesn't exist.

func ClaimOrFail Uses

func ClaimOrFail(t test.Failer, ctx resource.Context, name string) Instance

ClaimOrFail calls Claim and fails test if it returns error

func New Uses

func New(ctx resource.Context, nsConfig Config) (i Instance, err error)

New creates a new Namespace in all clusters.

func NewOrFail Uses

func NewOrFail(t test.Failer, ctx resource.Context, nsConfig Config) Instance

NewOrFail calls New and fails test if it returns error

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