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package zipkin

import ""


Package Files

kube.go zipkin.go

type Instance Uses

type Instance interface {

    // QueryTraces gets at most number of limit most recent available traces from zipkin.
    // spanName filters that only trace with the given span name will be included.
    QueryTraces(limit int, spanName, annotationQuery string) ([]Trace, error)

Instance represents a zipkin deployment on kube

func New Uses

func New(ctx resource.Context) (i Instance, err error)

New returns a new instance of zipkin.

func NewOrFail Uses

func NewOrFail(t *testing.T, ctx resource.Context) Instance

NewOrFail returns a new zipkin instance or fails test.

type Span Uses

type Span struct {
    SpanID       string
    ParentSpanID string
    ServiceName  string
    Name         string
    ChildSpans   []*Span

Span represents a single span, which includes span attributes for verification TODO(bianpengyuan) consider using zipkin proto api

type Trace Uses

type Trace struct {
    Spans []Span

Trace represents a trace by a collection of spans which all belong to that trace

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