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package core

import ""


Package Files

flags.go settings.go

type Settings Uses

type Settings struct {
    // Name of the test
    TestID string

    RunID uuid.UUID

    // Environment to run the tests in. By default, a local environment will be used.
    Environment string

    // Do not cleanup the resources after the test run.
    NoCleanup bool

    // Indicates that the tests are running in CI Mode
    CIMode bool

    // Should the tests fail if usage of deprecated stuff (e.g. Envoy flags) is detected
    FailOnDeprecation bool

    // Local working directory root for creating temporary directories / files in. If left empty,
    // os.TempDir() will be used.
    BaseDir string

    // The number of times to retry failed tests.
    // This should not be depended on as a primary means for reducing test flakes.
    Retries int

    // The label selector that the user has specified.
    SelectorString string

    // The label selector, in parsed form.
    Selector label.Selector

Settings is the set of arguments to the test driver.

func DefaultSettings Uses

func DefaultSettings() *Settings

DefaultSettings returns a default settings instance.

func SettingsFromCommandLine Uses

func SettingsFromCommandLine(testID string) (*Settings, error)

SettingsFromCommandLine returns settings obtained from command-line flags. flag.Parse must be called before calling this function.

func (*Settings) Clone Uses

func (s *Settings) Clone() *Settings

Clone settings

func (*Settings) RunDir Uses

func (s *Settings) RunDir() string

RunDir is the name of the dir to output, for this particular run.

func (*Settings) String Uses

func (s *Settings) String() string

String implements fmt.Stringer



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