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package label

import ""


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filter.go instance.go labels.go

type Instance Uses

type Instance string

Instance is a label instance.

const (
    // Postsubmit indicates that the test should be run as part of a postsubmit run only.
    Postsubmit Instance = "postsubmit"

    // CustomSetup indicates that the test requires a custom Istio installation.
    CustomSetup Instance = "customsetup"

    // Flaky indicates that a test is currently flaky and should not be run as part
    // of presubmit or postsubmit. When a test is determined to be Flaky, a github
    // issue should be created to fix the test.
    Flaky Instance = "flaky"

    // Multicluster indicates that the test requires a multicluster configuration.
    Multicluster Instance = "multicluster"

func Find Uses

func Find(name string) (Instance, bool)

Find the label with the given name

type Selector Uses

type Selector struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Selector is a Set of label filter expressions that get applied together to decide whether tests should be selected for execution or not.

func NewSelector Uses

func NewSelector(present []Instance, absent []Instance) Selector

NewSelector returns a new selector based on the given presence/absence predicates.

func ParseSelector Uses

func ParseSelector(s string) (Selector, error)

ParseSelector parses and returns a new instance of Selector.

func (*Selector) Excludes Uses

func (f *Selector) Excludes(inputs Set) bool

Excludes returns false, if the given set of labels, even combined with new ones, could end up satisfying the Selector. It returns false, if Matches would never return true, even if new labels are added to the input set.

func (*Selector) Selects Uses

func (f *Selector) Selects(inputs Set) bool

Selects returns true, if the given label set satisfies the Selector.

func (Selector) String Uses

func (f Selector) String() string

type Set Uses

type Set map[Instance]struct{}

Set is a set of labels

func NewSet Uses

func NewSet(labels ...Instance) Set

NewSet returns a new label set.

func (Set) Add Uses

func (l Set) Add(labels ...Instance) Set

Add adds the given labels and returns a new, combined set

func (Set) All Uses

func (l Set) All() []Instance

All returns all labels in this set.

func (Set) Clone Uses

func (l Set) Clone() Set

Clone this set of labels

func (Set) Merge Uses

func (l Set) Merge(s Set) Set

Merge returns a set that is merging of l and s.

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