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package reserveport

import ""


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api.go manager.go pool.go port.go

type PortManager Uses

type PortManager interface {
    // ReservePort reserves a new port. The lifecycle of the returned port is transferred to the caller.
    ReservePort() (ReservedPort, error)
    ReservePortOrFail(t *testing.T) ReservedPort
    ReservePortNumber() (uint16, error)
    ReservePortNumberOrFail(t *testing.T) uint16
    // Close shuts down this manager and frees any associated resources.
    Close() error

PortManager is responsible for reserving ports for an application.

func NewPortManager Uses

func NewPortManager() (mgr PortManager, err error)

NewPortManager allocates a new PortManager

func NewPortManagerOrFail Uses

func NewPortManagerOrFail(t *testing.T) PortManager

NewPortManagerOrFail calls NewPortManager and fails the test if unsuccessful.

type ReservedPort Uses

type ReservedPort interface {
    // GetPort returns the bound port number.
    GetPort() uint16
    // Close unbinds this port.
    Close() error

ReservedPort a port reserved by a PortManager

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