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package structpath

import ""


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type Instance Uses

type Instance struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func ForProto Uses

func ForProto(proto proto.Message) *Instance

ForProto creates a structpath Instance by marshaling the proto to JSON and then evaluating over that structure. This is the most generally useful form as serialization to JSON also automatically converts proto.Any and proto.Struct to the serialized JSON forms which can then be evaluated over. The downside is the loss of type fidelity for numeric types as JSON can only represent floats.

func (*Instance) Check Uses

func (i *Instance) Check() error

Check executes the set of constraints for this selection and returns the first error encountered, or nil if all constraints have been successfully met. All constraints are removed after them check is performed.

func (*Instance) CheckOrFail Uses

func (i *Instance) CheckOrFail(t test.Failer) *Instance

CheckOrFail calls Check on this selection and fails the given test if an error is encountered.

func (*Instance) ContainSubstring Uses

func (i *Instance) ContainSubstring(substr, path string) *Instance

func (*Instance) Equals Uses

func (i *Instance) Equals(expected interface{}, path string, args ...interface{}) *Instance

func (*Instance) Exists Uses

func (i *Instance) Exists(path string, args ...interface{}) *Instance

func (*Instance) NotExists Uses

func (i *Instance) NotExists(path string, args ...interface{}) *Instance

func (*Instance) Select Uses

func (i *Instance) Select(path string, args ...interface{}) *Instance

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