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package webhooks

import ""


Package Files


func CreateValidationWebhookController Uses

func CreateValidationWebhookController(client kube.Client,
    webhookConfigName, ns, caBundlePath string, remote bool) *controller.Controller

type WebhookCertPatcher Uses

type WebhookCertPatcher struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

WebhookCertPatcher listens for webhooks on specified revision and patches their CA bundles

func NewWebhookCertPatcher Uses

func NewWebhookCertPatcher(
    client kubernetes.Interface,
    revision, webhookName, caBundlePath string) (*WebhookCertPatcher, error)

NewWebhookCertPatcher creates a WebhookCertPatcher

func (*WebhookCertPatcher) Run Uses

func (w *WebhookCertPatcher) Run(stopChan <-chan struct{})

Run runs the WebhookCertPatcher


validation/controllerPackage controller implements a k8s controller for managing the lifecycle of a validating webhook.

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