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package protocol

import ""

Package protocol defines the interface of CA client protocol. Currently we only support gRPC protocol sent to Istio CA server.


Package Files


type CAProtocol Uses

type CAProtocol interface {
    // SendCSR send CSR request to the CA server.
    SendCSR(*pb.CsrRequest) (*pb.CsrResponse, error)

CAProtocol is the interface for talking to CA.

type GrpcConnection Uses

type GrpcConnection struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

GrpcConnection implements CAProtocol talking to CA via gRPC. TODO(incfly): investigate the overhead of maintaining gRPC connection for CA server compared with establishing new connection every time.

func NewGrpcConnection Uses

func NewGrpcConnection(caAddr string, dialOptions []grpc.DialOption) (*GrpcConnection, error)

NewGrpcConnection creates a gRPC connection.

func (*GrpcConnection) Close Uses

func (c *GrpcConnection) Close() error

Close closes the gRPC connection.

func (*GrpcConnection) SendCSR Uses

func (c *GrpcConnection) SendCSR(req *pb.CsrRequest) (*pb.CsrResponse, error)

SendCSR sends a resquest to CA server and returns the response.



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