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package mock

import ""


Package Files


type FakeProtocol Uses

type FakeProtocol struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

FakeProtocol is a fake for testing, implements CAProtocol interface.

func NewFakeProtocol Uses

func NewFakeProtocol(response *pb.CsrResponse, err string) *FakeProtocol

NewFakeProtocol returns a FakeProtocol with configured response and expected error.

func (*FakeProtocol) InvokeTimes Uses

func (f *FakeProtocol) InvokeTimes() int

InvokeTimes returns the times that SendCSR has been invoked.

func (*FakeProtocol) SendCSR Uses

func (f *FakeProtocol) SendCSR(req *pb.CsrRequest) (*pb.CsrResponse, error)

SendCSR returns the result based on the predetermined config.

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