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package configmap

import ""


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const (
    IstioSecurityConfigMapName = "istio-security"
    CATLSRootCertName          = "caTLSRootCert"

type Controller Uses

type Controller struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Controller manages the CA TLS root cert in ConfigMap.

func NewController Uses

func NewController(namespace string, core corev1.CoreV1Interface) *Controller

NewController creates a new Controller.

func (*Controller) GetCATLSRootCert Uses

func (c *Controller) GetCATLSRootCert() (string, error)

GetCATLSRootCert gets the CA TLS root certificate from the configmap.

func (*Controller) InsertCATLSRootCert Uses

func (c *Controller) InsertCATLSRootCert(value string) error

InsertCATLSRootCert updates the CA TLS root certificate in the configmap.

func (*Controller) InsertCATLSRootCertWithRetry Uses

func (c *Controller) InsertCATLSRootCertWithRetry(value string, retryInterval,
    timeout time.Duration) error

InsertCATLSRootCertWithRetry updates the CA TLS root certificate in the configmap with retries until timeout.

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