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package controller

import ""


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const (
    // The Istio secret annotation type
    IstioSecretType = ""

    // The ID/name for the certificate chain file.
    CertChainID = "cert-chain.pem"
    // The ID/name for the private key file.
    PrivateKeyID = "key.pem"
    // The ID/name for the CA root certificate file.
    RootCertID = "root-cert.pem"

type CaSecretController Uses

type CaSecretController struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

CaSecretController manages the self-signed signing CA secret.

func NewCaSecretController Uses

func NewCaSecretController(core corev1.CoreV1Interface) *CaSecretController

NewCaSecretController returns a pointer to a newly constructed SecretController instance.

func (*CaSecretController) LoadCASecretWithRetry Uses

func (csc *CaSecretController) LoadCASecretWithRetry(secretName, namespace string,
    retryInterval, timeout time.Duration) (*v1.Secret, error)

LoadCASecretWithRetry reads CA secret with retries until timeout.

func (*CaSecretController) UpdateCASecretWithRetry Uses

func (csc *CaSecretController) UpdateCASecretWithRetry(caSecret *v1.Secret,
    retryInterval, timeout time.Duration) error

UpdateCASecretWithRetry updates CA secret with retries until timeout.

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