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package mock

import ""


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type CAServer Uses

type CAServer struct {
    Server  *grpc.Server
    Address string

CAServer is the mocked Mesh CA server.

func CreateServer Uses

func CreateServer(addr string, service *CAService) (*CAServer, error)

CreateServer creates a mocked local Google CA server and runs it in a separate thread. nolint: interfacer

func (*CAServer) Stop Uses

func (s *CAServer) Stop()

Stop stops the Mock Mesh CA server.

type CAService Uses

type CAService struct {
    Certs []string
    Err   error

CAService is a simple mocked Google CA Service.

func (*CAService) CreateCertificate Uses

func (ca *CAService) CreateCertificate(ctx context.Context, in *gcapb.MeshCertificateRequest) (
    *gcapb.MeshCertificateResponse, error)

CreateCertificate is a mocked function for the Google Mesh CA API.

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