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package model

import ""

Package model contains data models for nodeagent.


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type SecretItem Uses

type SecretItem struct {
    CertificateChain []byte
    PrivateKey       []byte

    RootCert []byte

    // RootCertOwnedByCompoundSecret is true if this SecretItem was created by a
    // K8S secret having both server cert/key and client ca and should be deleted
    // with the secret.
    RootCertOwnedByCompoundSecret bool

    // ResourceName passed from envoy SDS discovery request.
    // "ROOTCA" for root cert request, "default" for key/cert request.
    ResourceName string

    // Credential token passed from envoy, caClient uses this token to send
    // CSR to CA to sign certificate.
    Token string

    // Version is used(together with token and ResourceName) to identify discovery request from
    // envoy which is used only for confirm purpose.
    Version string

    CreatedTime time.Time

    ExpireTime time.Time

SecretItem is the cached item in in-memory secret store.

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