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package stsclient

import ""

Package stsclient is for oauth token exchange integration.


Package Files

mockserver.go stsclient.go


var (
    // GKEClusterURL is the URL to send requests to the token exchange service.
    GKEClusterURL = env.RegisterStringVar("GKE_CLUSTER_URL", "", "The url of GKE cluster").Get()

func NewPlugin Uses

func NewPlugin() plugin.Plugin

NewPlugin returns an instance of secure token service client plugin

type MockServer Uses

type MockServer struct {
    Port int
    URL  string
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

MockServer is the in-memory secure token service.

func StartNewServer Uses

func StartNewServer(t *testing.T) (*MockServer, error)

StartNewServer creates a mock server and starts it

func (*MockServer) Start Uses

func (ms *MockServer) Start() error

Start starts the mock server.

func (*MockServer) Stop Uses

func (ms *MockServer) Stop() error

Stop stops he mock server.

type Plugin Uses

type Plugin struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Plugin for google securetoken api interaction.

func (Plugin) ExchangeToken Uses

func (p Plugin) ExchangeToken(ctx context.Context, trustDomain, k8sSAjwt string) (
    string, time.Time, int, error)

ExchangeToken exchange oauth access token from trusted domain and k8s sa jwt.

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