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package mock

import ""


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type CAServer Uses

type CAServer struct {
    URL            string
    GRPCServer     *grpc.Server
    Authenticators []security.Authenticator

    KeyCertBundle util.KeyCertBundle
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

CAServer is a mock CA server.

func NewCAServer Uses

func NewCAServer(port int, opts ...grpc.ServerOption) (*CAServer, error)

NewCAServer creates a new CA server that listens on port.

func NewCAServerWithKeyCert Uses

func NewCAServerWithKeyCert(port int, key, cert []byte, opts ...grpc.ServerOption) (*CAServer, error)

func (*CAServer) Check Uses

func (s *CAServer) Check(ctx context.Context, in *ghc.HealthCheckRequest) (*ghc.HealthCheckResponse, error)

Check handles health check requests.

func (*CAServer) CreateCertificate Uses

func (s *CAServer) CreateCertificate(ctx context.Context, request *pb.IstioCertificateRequest) (
    *pb.IstioCertificateResponse, error)

CreateCertificate handles CSR.

func (*CAServer) RejectCSR Uses

func (s *CAServer) RejectCSR(reject bool)

RejectCSR specifies whether to send error response to CSR.

func (*CAServer) SendEmptyCert Uses

func (s *CAServer) SendEmptyCert()

SendEmptyCert force CA server send empty cert chain.

func (*CAServer) Watch Uses

func (s *CAServer) Watch(_ *ghc.HealthCheckRequest, _ ghc.Health_WatchServer) error

Watch handles health check streams.

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