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package vm

import ""


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config.go nafactory.go nodeagent.go

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    // Config for CA Client
    CAClientConfig caclient.Config

    // LoggingOptions is the options for Istio logging.
    LoggingOptions *log.Options

    // SecretDirectory is the directory to to save keys/certs when using file mode SecretServer.
    SecretDirectory string

    // DualUse defines whether the generated CSRs are for dual-use mode (SAN+CN).
    DualUse bool

Config is Node agent configuration.

func NewConfig Uses

func NewConfig() *Config

NewConfig creates a new Config instance with default values.

type NodeAgent Uses

type NodeAgent interface {
    Start() error

NodeAgent interface that should be implemented by various platform specific node agents.

func NewNodeAgent Uses

func NewNodeAgent(cfg *Config) (NodeAgent, error)

NewNodeAgent is constructor for Node agent based on the provided Environment variable.

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