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package mock

import ""


Package Files


type FakeClient Uses

type FakeClient struct {
    DialOption         []grpc.DialOption
    DialOptionErr      string
    Identity           string
    IdentityErr        string
    AgentCredential    []byte
    AgentCredentialErr string
    ProperPlatform     bool

FakeClient is mocked platform metadata client.

func (FakeClient) GetAgentCredential Uses

func (f FakeClient) GetAgentCredential() ([]byte, error)

GetAgentCredential returns empty credential.

func (FakeClient) GetCredentialType Uses

func (f FakeClient) GetCredentialType() string

GetCredentialType returns "fake".

func (FakeClient) GetDialOptions Uses

func (f FakeClient) GetDialOptions() ([]grpc.DialOption, error)

GetDialOptions returns the DialOption field.

func (FakeClient) GetServiceIdentity Uses

func (f FakeClient) GetServiceIdentity() (string, error)

GetServiceIdentity returns IdentityErr, or the Identity if IdentityErr is nil.

func (FakeClient) IsProperPlatform Uses

func (f FakeClient) IsProperPlatform() bool

IsProperPlatform returns ProperPlatform.

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