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package probe

import ""


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const (
    // LivenessProbeClientIdentity is the default identity for the liveness probe check
    LivenessProbeClientIdentity = "k8s.cluster.local"

func GrpcProtocolProvider Uses

func GrpcProtocolProvider(caAddress string, dialOpts []grpc.DialOption) (protocol.CAProtocol, error)

GrpcProtocolProvider returns a CAProtocol instance talking to CA via gRPC.

type CAProtocolProvider Uses

type CAProtocolProvider func(caAddress string, dialOpts []grpc.DialOption) (protocol.CAProtocol, error)

CAProtocolProvider returns a CAProtocol instance for talking to CA.

type LivenessCheckController Uses

type LivenessCheckController struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

LivenessCheckController updates the availability of the liveness probe of the CA instance

func NewLivenessCheckController Uses

func NewLivenessCheckController(probeCheckInterval time.Duration, caAddr string,
    ca *ca.IstioCA, livenessProbeOptions *probe.Options,
    provider CAProtocolProvider) (*LivenessCheckController, error)

NewLivenessCheckController creates the liveness check controller instance

func (*LivenessCheckController) Run Uses

func (c *LivenessCheckController) Run()

Run starts the check routine

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