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package kubeauth

import ""


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const (
    KubeJWTAuthenticatorType = "KubeJWTAuthenticator"

type KubeJWTAuthenticator Uses

type KubeJWTAuthenticator struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

KubeJWTAuthenticator authenticates K8s JWTs.

func NewKubeJWTAuthenticator Uses

func NewKubeJWTAuthenticator(client kubernetes.Interface, clusterID string,
    remoteKubeClientGetter RemoteKubeClientGetter,
    trustDomain, jwtPolicy string) *KubeJWTAuthenticator

NewKubeJWTAuthenticator creates a new kubeJWTAuthenticator.

func (*KubeJWTAuthenticator) Authenticate Uses

func (a *KubeJWTAuthenticator) Authenticate(ctx context.Context) (*security.Caller, error)

Authenticate authenticates the call using the K8s JWT from the context. The returned Caller.Identities is in SPIFFE format.

func (*KubeJWTAuthenticator) AuthenticatorType Uses

func (a *KubeJWTAuthenticator) AuthenticatorType() string

func (*KubeJWTAuthenticator) GetKubeClient Uses

func (a *KubeJWTAuthenticator) GetKubeClient(clusterID string) kubernetes.Interface

type RemoteKubeClientGetter Uses

type RemoteKubeClientGetter func(clusterID string) kubernetes.Interface

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