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package archive

import ""


Package Files


func AnalyzePath Uses

func AnalyzePath(rootDir, namespace string) string

func ClusterInfoPath Uses

func ClusterInfoPath(rootDir string) string

func Create Uses

func Create(srcDir, outPath string) error

Create creates a gzipped tar file from srcDir and writes it to outPath.

func DirToArchive Uses

func DirToArchive(rootDir string) string

DirToArchive is the dir to archive.

func IstiodPath Uses

func IstiodPath(rootDir, namespace, pod string) string

func OperatorPath Uses

func OperatorPath(rootDir, namespace, pod string) string

func OutputRootDir Uses

func OutputRootDir(rootDir string) string

OutputRootDir is the root dir of output artifacts.

func ProxyOutputPath Uses

func ProxyOutputPath(rootDir, namespace, pod string) string

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