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package cluster

import ""


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func ParsePath Uses

func ParsePath(path string) (namespace string, deployment, pod string, container string, err error)

ParsePath parses path into its components. Input must have the form namespace/deployment/pod/container.

func PodKey Uses

func PodKey(namespace, pod string) string

PodKey returns a unique key based on the namespace and pod name.

type ResourceType Uses

type ResourceType int
const (
    Namespace ResourceType = iota

type Resources Uses

type Resources struct {
    // Root is the first level in the cluster resource hierarchy.
    // Each level in the hierarchy is a map[string]interface{} to the next level.
    // The levels are: namespaces/deployments/pods/containers.
    Root map[string]interface{}
    // Labels maps a pod name to a map of labels key-values.
    Labels map[string]map[string]string
    // Annotations maps a pod name to a map of annotation key-values.
    Annotations map[string]map[string]string
    // Pod maps a pod name to its Pod info. The key is namespace/pod-name.
    Pod map[string]*corev1.Pod

Resources defines a tree of cluster resource names.

func GetClusterResources Uses

func GetClusterResources(ctx context.Context, clientset *kubernetes.Clientset) (*Resources, error)

GetClusterResources returns cluster resources for the given REST config and k8s Clientset.

func (*Resources) ContainerRestarts Uses

func (r *Resources) ContainerRestarts(namespace, pod, container string) int

ContainerRestarts returns the number of container restarts for the given container.

func (*Resources) IsDiscoveryContainer Uses

func (r *Resources) IsDiscoveryContainer(clusterVersion, namespace, pod, container string) bool

IsDiscoveryContainer reports whether the given container is the Istio discovery container.

func (*Resources) PodIstioVersion Uses

func (r *Resources) PodIstioVersion(namespace, pod string) string

PodIstioVersion returns the Istio version for the given pod, if either the proxy or discovery are one of its containers and the tag is in a parseable format.

func (*Resources) String Uses

func (r *Resources) String() string

String implements the Stringer interface.

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