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package ctrlz

import ""

Package ctrlz implements Istio's introspection facility. When components integrate with ControlZ, they automatically gain an IP port which allows operators to visualize and control a number of aspects of each process, including controlling logging scopes, viewing command-line options, memory use, etc. Additionally, the port implements a REST API allowing access and control over the same state.

ControlZ is designed around the idea of "topics". A topic corresponds to the different parts of the UI. There are a set of built-in topics representing the core introspection functionality, and each component that uses ControlZ can add new topics specialized for their purpose.


Package Files

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func RegisterTopic Uses

func RegisterTopic(t fw.Topic)

RegisterTopic registers a new Control-Z topic for the current process.

type Options Uses

type Options struct {
    // The IP port to use for ctrlz.
    Port uint16

    // The IP address to listen on for ctrlz.
    Address string

Options defines the set of options supported by Istio's ControlZ component introspection package.

func DefaultOptions Uses

func DefaultOptions() *Options

DefaultOptions returns a new set of options, initialized to the defaults

func (*Options) AttachCobraFlags Uses

func (o *Options) AttachCobraFlags(cmd *cobra.Command)

AttachCobraFlags attaches a set of Cobra flags to the given Cobra command.

Cobra is the command-line processor that Istio uses. This command attaches the necessary set of flags to expose a CLI to let the user control all introspection options.

type Server Uses

type Server struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Server represents a running ControlZ instance.

func Run Uses

func Run(o *Options, customTopics []fw.Topic) (*Server, error)

Run starts up the ControlZ listeners.

ControlZ uses the set of standard core topics, the supplied custom topics, as well as any topics registered via the RegisterTopic function.

func (*Server) Address Uses

func (s *Server) Address() string

func (*Server) Close Uses

func (s *Server) Close()

Close terminates ControlZ.

Close is not normally used by programs that expose ControlZ, it is primarily intended to be used by tests.


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