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package apihelpers

import "k8s.io/apiextensions-apiserver/pkg/apihelpers"


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func IsProtectedCommunityGroup Uses

func IsProtectedCommunityGroup(group string) bool

IsProtectedCommunityGroup returns whether or not a group specified for a CRD is protected for the community and needs to have the v1beta1.KubeAPIApprovalAnnotation set.

type APIApprovalState Uses

type APIApprovalState int

APIApprovalState covers the various options for API approval annotation states

const (
    // APIApprovalInvalid means the annotation doesn't have an expected value
    APIApprovalInvalid APIApprovalState = iota
    // APIApproved if the annotation has a URL (this means the API is approved)
    // APIApprovalBypassed if the annotation starts with "unapproved" indicating that for whatever reason the API isn't approved, but we should allow its creation
    // APIApprovalMissing means the annotation is empty

func GetAPIApprovalState Uses

func GetAPIApprovalState(annotations map[string]string) (state APIApprovalState, reason string)

GetAPIApprovalState returns the state of the API approval and reason for that state

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