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package builder

import "k8s.io/apiextensions-apiserver/pkg/controller/openapi/builder"


Package Files

builder.go merge.go

func BuildSwagger Uses

func BuildSwagger(crd *apiextensionsv1.CustomResourceDefinition, version string, opts Options) (*spec.Swagger, error)

BuildSwagger builds swagger for the given crd in the given version

func MergeSpecs Uses

func MergeSpecs(staticSpec *spec.Swagger, crdSpecs ...*spec.Swagger) (*spec.Swagger, error)

MergeSpecs aggregates all OpenAPI specs, reusing the metadata of the first, static spec as the basis. The static spec has the highest priority, and its paths and definitions won't get overlapped by user-defined CRDs. None of the input is mutated, but input and output share data structures.

type CRDCanonicalTypeNamer Uses

type CRDCanonicalTypeNamer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

CRDCanonicalTypeNamer implements CanonicalTypeNamer interface for CRDs to seed kube-openapi canonical type name without Go types

func (*CRDCanonicalTypeNamer) OpenAPICanonicalTypeName Uses

func (c *CRDCanonicalTypeNamer) OpenAPICanonicalTypeName() string

OpenAPICanonicalTypeName returns canonical type name for given CRD

type Options Uses

type Options struct {
    // Convert to OpenAPI v2.
    V2  bool

    // Strip defaults.
    StripDefaults bool

    // Strip value validation.
    StripValueValidation bool

    // Strip nullable.
    StripNullable bool

    // AllowNonStructural indicates swagger should be built for a schema that fits into the structural type but does not meet all structural invariants
    AllowNonStructural bool

Options contains builder options.

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