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package testrestmapper

import "k8s.io/apimachinery/pkg/api/meta/testrestmapper"


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func TestOnlyStaticRESTMapper Uses

func TestOnlyStaticRESTMapper(scheme *runtime.Scheme, versionPatterns ...schema.GroupVersion) meta.RESTMapper

TestOnlyStaticRESTMapper returns a union RESTMapper of all known types with priorities chosen in the following order:

1. legacy kube group preferred version, extensions preferred version, metrics preferred version, legacy
   kube any version, extensions any version, metrics any version, all other groups alphabetical preferred version,
   all other groups alphabetical.

TODO callers of this method should be updated to build their own specific restmapper based on their scheme for their tests TODO the things being tested are related to whether various cases are handled, not tied to the particular types being checked.

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