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package versioning

import "k8s.io/apimachinery/pkg/runtime/serializer/versioning"


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func NewCodec Uses

func NewCodec(
    encoder runtime.Encoder,
    decoder runtime.Decoder,
    convertor runtime.ObjectConvertor,
    creater runtime.ObjectCreater,
    typer runtime.ObjectTyper,
    defaulter runtime.ObjectDefaulter,
    encodeVersion runtime.GroupVersioner,
    decodeVersion runtime.GroupVersioner,
    originalSchemeName string,
) runtime.Codec

NewCodec takes objects in their internal versions and converts them to external versions before serializing them. It assumes the serializer provided to it only deals with external versions. This class is also a serializer, but is generally used with a specific version.

func NewDefaultingCodecForScheme Uses

func NewDefaultingCodecForScheme(

    scheme *runtime.Scheme,
    encoder runtime.Encoder,
    decoder runtime.Decoder,
    encodeVersion runtime.GroupVersioner,
    decodeVersion runtime.GroupVersioner,
) runtime.Codec

NewDefaultingCodecForScheme is a convenience method for callers that are using a scheme.

type DirectDecoder Uses

type DirectDecoder = runtime.WithoutVersionDecoder

DirectDecoder was moved and renamed to runtime.WithoutVersionDecoder in 1.15. TODO: remove in 1.16.

type DirectEncoder Uses

type DirectEncoder = runtime.WithVersionEncoder

DirectEncoder was moved and renamed to runtime.WithVersionEncoder in 1.15. TODO: remove in 1.16.

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