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package yaml

import "k8s.io/apimachinery/pkg/runtime/serializer/yaml"


Package Files

meta.go yaml.go


var DefaultMetaFactory = SimpleMetaFactory{}

DefaultMetaFactory is a default factory for versioning objects in JSON or YAML. The object in memory and in the default serialization will use the "kind" and "apiVersion" fields.

func NewDecodingSerializer Uses

func NewDecodingSerializer(jsonSerializer runtime.Serializer) runtime.Serializer

NewDecodingSerializer adds YAML decoding support to a serializer that supports JSON.

type SimpleMetaFactory Uses

type SimpleMetaFactory struct{}

SimpleMetaFactory provides default methods for retrieving the type and version of objects that are identified with an "apiVersion" and "kind" fields in their JSON serialization. It may be parameterized with the names of the fields in memory, or an optional list of base structs to search for those fields in memory.

func (SimpleMetaFactory) Interpret Uses

func (SimpleMetaFactory) Interpret(data []byte) (*schema.GroupVersionKind, error)

Interpret will return the APIVersion and Kind of the JSON wire-format encoding of an object, or an error.

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