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package validating

import "k8s.io/apiserver/pkg/admission/plugin/webhook/validating"

Package validating makes calls to validating (i.e., non-mutating) webhooks during the admission process.


Package Files

dispatcher.go doc.go plugin.go


const (
    // PluginName indicates the name of admission plug-in
    PluginName = "ValidatingAdmissionWebhook"

func Register Uses

func Register(plugins *admission.Plugins)

Register registers a plugin

type Plugin Uses

type Plugin struct {

Plugin is an implementation of admission.Interface.

func NewValidatingAdmissionWebhook Uses

func NewValidatingAdmissionWebhook(configFile io.Reader) (*Plugin, error)

NewValidatingAdmissionWebhook returns a generic admission webhook plugin.

func (*Plugin) Validate Uses

func (a *Plugin) Validate(ctx context.Context, attr admission.Attributes, o admission.ObjectInterfaces) error

Validate makes an admission decision based on the request attributes.

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