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package authorizerfactory

import "k8s.io/apiserver/pkg/authorization/authorizerfactory"


Package Files

builtin.go delegating.go

func NewAlwaysAllowAuthorizer Uses

func NewAlwaysAllowAuthorizer() *alwaysAllowAuthorizer

func NewAlwaysDenyAuthorizer Uses

func NewAlwaysDenyAuthorizer() *alwaysDenyAuthorizer

func NewPrivilegedGroups Uses

func NewPrivilegedGroups(groups ...string) *privilegedGroupAuthorizer

NewPrivilegedGroups is for use in loopback scenarios

type DelegatingAuthorizerConfig Uses

type DelegatingAuthorizerConfig struct {
    SubjectAccessReviewClient authorizationclient.SubjectAccessReviewInterface

    // AllowCacheTTL is the length of time that a successful authorization response will be cached
    AllowCacheTTL time.Duration

    // DenyCacheTTL is the length of time that an unsuccessful authorization response will be cached.
    // You generally want more responsive, "deny, try again" flows.
    DenyCacheTTL time.Duration

DelegatingAuthorizerConfig is the minimal configuration needed to create an authenticator built to delegate authorization to a kube API server

func (DelegatingAuthorizerConfig) New Uses

func (c DelegatingAuthorizerConfig) New() (authorizer.Authorizer, error)

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