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package metrics

import "k8s.io/apiserver/pkg/storage/etcd3/metrics"


Package Files


func RecordEtcdBookmark Uses

func RecordEtcdBookmark(resource string)

RecordEtcdBookmark updates the etcd_bookmark_counts metric.

func RecordEtcdRequestLatency Uses

func RecordEtcdRequestLatency(verb, resource string, startTime time.Time)

RecordEtcdRequestLatency sets the etcd_request_duration_seconds metrics.

func Register Uses

func Register()

Register all metrics.

func Reset Uses

func Reset()

Reset resets the etcd_request_duration_seconds metric.

func UpdateEtcdDbSize Uses

func UpdateEtcdDbSize(ep string, size int64)

UpdateEtcdDbSize sets the etcd_db_total_size_in_bytes metric.

func UpdateObjectCount Uses

func UpdateObjectCount(resourcePrefix string, count int64)

UpdateObjectCount sets the etcd_object_counts metric.

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