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package buffered

import "k8s.io/apiserver/plugin/pkg/audit/buffered"

Package buffered provides an implementation for the audit.Backend interface that batches incoming audit events and sends batches to the delegate audit.Backend.


Package Files

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const PluginName = "buffered"

PluginName is the name reported in error metrics.

func NewBackend Uses

func NewBackend(delegate audit.Backend, config BatchConfig) audit.Backend

NewBackend returns a buffered audit backend that wraps delegate backend. Buffered backend automatically runs and shuts down the delegate backend.

type BatchConfig Uses

type BatchConfig struct {
    // BufferSize defines a size of the buffering queue.
    BufferSize int
    // MaxBatchSize defines maximum size of a batch.
    MaxBatchSize int
    // MaxBatchWait indicates the maximum interval between two batches.
    MaxBatchWait time.Duration

    // ThrottleEnable defines whether throttling will be applied to the batching process.
    ThrottleEnable bool
    // ThrottleQPS defines the allowed rate of batches per second sent to the delegate backend.
    ThrottleQPS float32
    // ThrottleBurst defines the maximum number of requests sent to the delegate backend at the same moment in case
    // the capacity defined by ThrottleQPS was not utilized.
    ThrottleBurst int

    // Whether the delegate backend should be called asynchronously.
    AsyncDelegate bool

BatchConfig represents batching delegate audit backend configuration.

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