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package dynamic

import "k8s.io/apiserver/plugin/pkg/audit/dynamic"


Package Files

defaults.go dynamic.go factory.go


const PluginName = "dynamic"

PluginName is the name reported in error metrics.

func NewBackend Uses

func NewBackend(c *Config) (audit.Backend, error)

NewBackend returns a backend that dynamically updates its configuration based on a shared informer.

func NewDefaultWebhookBatchConfig Uses

func NewDefaultWebhookBatchConfig() *bufferedplugin.BatchConfig

NewDefaultWebhookBatchConfig returns new Batch Config objects populated by default values for dynamic webhooks

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    // Informer for the audit sinks
    Informer auditinformer.AuditSinkInformer
    // EventConfig holds the configuration for event notifications about the AuditSink API objects
    EventConfig EventConfig
    // BufferedConfig is the runtime buffered configuration
    BufferedConfig *bufferedplugin.BatchConfig
    // WebhookConfig holds the configuration for outgoing webhooks
    WebhookConfig WebhookConfig

Config holds the configuration for the dynamic backend

type EventConfig Uses

type EventConfig struct {
    // Sink for emitting events
    Sink record.EventSink
    // Source holds the source information about the event emitter
    Source corev1.EventSource

EventConfig holds the configurations for sending event notifiations about AuditSink API objects

type WebhookConfig Uses

type WebhookConfig struct {
    // AuthInfoResolverWrapper provides the webhook authentication for in-cluster endpoints
    AuthInfoResolverWrapper webhook.AuthenticationInfoResolverWrapper
    // ServiceResolver knows how to convert a webhook service reference into an actual location.
    ServiceResolver webhook.ServiceResolver

WebhookConfig holds the configurations for outgoing webhooks



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