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package truncate

import "k8s.io/apiserver/plugin/pkg/audit/truncate"

Package truncate provides an implementation for the audit.Backend interface that truncates audit events and sends them to the delegate audit.Backend.


Package Files

doc.go truncate.go


const (
    // PluginName is the name reported in error metrics.
    PluginName = "truncate"

func NewBackend Uses

func NewBackend(delegateBackend audit.Backend, config Config, groupVersion schema.GroupVersion) audit.Backend

NewBackend returns a new truncating backend, using configuration passed in the parameters. Truncate backend automatically runs and shut downs the delegate backend.

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    // MaxEventSize defines max allowed size of the event. If the event is larger,
    // truncating will be performed.
    MaxEventSize int64

    // MaxBatchSize defined max allowed size of the batch of events, passed to the backend.
    // If the total size of the batch is larger than this number, batch will be split. Actual
    // size of the serialized request might be slightly higher, on the order of hundreds of bytes.
    MaxBatchSize int64

Config represents truncating backend configuration.

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