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package webhook

import "k8s.io/apiserver/plugin/pkg/audit/webhook"

Package webhook implements the audit.Backend interface using HTTP webhooks.


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const (
    // PluginName is the name of this plugin, to be used in help and logs.
    PluginName = "webhook"

    // DefaultInitialBackoff is the default amount of time to wait before
    // retrying sending audit events through a webhook.
    DefaultInitialBackoff = 10 * time.Second

func NewBackend Uses

func NewBackend(kubeConfigFile string, groupVersion schema.GroupVersion, initialBackoff time.Duration) (audit.Backend, error)

NewBackend returns an audit backend that sends events over HTTP to an external service.

func NewDynamicBackend Uses

func NewDynamicBackend(rc *rest.RESTClient, initialBackoff time.Duration) audit.Backend

NewDynamicBackend returns an audit backend configured from a REST client that sends events over HTTP to an external service.

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