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package fake

import ""

Package fake has the automatically generated clients.


Package Files

doc.go fake_authentication_client.go fake_tokenreview.go fake_tokenreview_expansion.go

type FakeAuthenticationV1beta1 Uses

type FakeAuthenticationV1beta1 struct {

func (*FakeAuthenticationV1beta1) RESTClient Uses

func (c *FakeAuthenticationV1beta1) RESTClient() rest.Interface

RESTClient returns a RESTClient that is used to communicate with API server by this client implementation.

func (*FakeAuthenticationV1beta1) TokenReviews Uses

func (c *FakeAuthenticationV1beta1) TokenReviews() v1beta1.TokenReviewInterface

type FakeTokenReviews Uses

type FakeTokenReviews struct {
    Fake *FakeAuthenticationV1beta1

FakeTokenReviews implements TokenReviewInterface

func (*FakeTokenReviews) Create Uses

func (c *FakeTokenReviews) Create(tokenReview *authenticationapi.TokenReview) (result *authenticationapi.TokenReview, err error)

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