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package metadatainformer

import ""


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informer.go interface.go

func NewFilteredMetadataInformer Uses

func NewFilteredMetadataInformer(client metadata.Interface, gvr schema.GroupVersionResource, namespace string, resyncPeriod time.Duration, indexers cache.Indexers, tweakListOptions TweakListOptionsFunc) informers.GenericInformer

NewFilteredMetadataInformer constructs a new informer for a metadata type.

type SharedInformerFactory Uses

type SharedInformerFactory interface {
    Start(stopCh <-chan struct{})
    ForResource(gvr schema.GroupVersionResource) informers.GenericInformer
    WaitForCacheSync(stopCh <-chan struct{}) map[schema.GroupVersionResource]bool

SharedInformerFactory provides access to a shared informer and lister for dynamic client

func NewFilteredSharedInformerFactory Uses

func NewFilteredSharedInformerFactory(client metadata.Interface, defaultResync time.Duration, namespace string, tweakListOptions TweakListOptionsFunc) SharedInformerFactory

NewFilteredSharedInformerFactory constructs a new instance of metadataSharedInformerFactory. Listers obtained via this factory will be subject to the same filters as specified here.

func NewSharedInformerFactory Uses

func NewSharedInformerFactory(client metadata.Interface, defaultResync time.Duration) SharedInformerFactory

NewSharedInformerFactory constructs a new instance of metadataSharedInformerFactory for all namespaces.

type TweakListOptionsFunc Uses

type TweakListOptionsFunc func(*metav1.ListOptions)

TweakListOptionsFunc defines the signature of a helper function that wants to provide more listing options to API

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