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package fake

import ""

This is made a separate package and should only be imported by tests, because it imports testapi


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func CreateHTTPClient Uses

func CreateHTTPClient(roundTripper func(*http.Request) (*http.Response, error)) *http.Client

type RESTClient Uses

type RESTClient struct {
    Client               *http.Client
    NegotiatedSerializer runtime.NegotiatedSerializer
    GroupVersion         schema.GroupVersion
    VersionedAPIPath     string

    Req  *http.Request
    Resp *http.Response
    Err  error

RESTClient provides a fake RESTClient interface.

func (*RESTClient) APIVersion Uses

func (c *RESTClient) APIVersion() schema.GroupVersion

func (*RESTClient) Delete Uses

func (c *RESTClient) Delete() *restclient.Request

func (*RESTClient) Do Uses

func (c *RESTClient) Do(req *http.Request) (*http.Response, error)

func (*RESTClient) Get Uses

func (c *RESTClient) Get() *restclient.Request

func (*RESTClient) GetRateLimiter Uses

func (c *RESTClient) GetRateLimiter() flowcontrol.RateLimiter

func (*RESTClient) Patch Uses

func (c *RESTClient) Patch(pt types.PatchType) *restclient.Request

func (*RESTClient) Post Uses

func (c *RESTClient) Post() *restclient.Request

func (*RESTClient) Put Uses

func (c *RESTClient) Put() *restclient.Request

func (*RESTClient) Verb Uses

func (c *RESTClient) Verb(verb string) *restclient.Request

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