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package api

import ""

Package api ( contains constants and types needed for bootstrap tokens as maintained by the BootstrapSigner and TokenCleaner controllers (in


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const (
    // BootstrapTokenSecretPrefix is the prefix for bootstrap token names.
    // Bootstrap tokens secrets must be named in the form
    // `bootstrap-token-<token-id>`.  This is the prefix to be used before the
    // token ID.
    BootstrapTokenSecretPrefix = "bootstrap-token-"

    // SecretTypeBootstrapToken is used during the automated bootstrap process (first
    // implemented by kubeadm). It stores tokens that are used to sign well known
    // ConfigMaps. They may also eventually be used for authentication.
    SecretTypeBootstrapToken v1.SecretType = ""

    // BootstrapTokenIDKey is the id of this token. This can be transmitted in the
    // clear and encoded in the name of the secret. It must be a random 6 character
    // string that matches the regexp `^([a-z0-9]{6})$`. Required.
    BootstrapTokenIDKey = "token-id"

    // BootstrapTokenSecretKey is the actual secret. It must be a random 16 character
    // string that matches the regexp `^([a-z0-9]{16})$`. Required.
    BootstrapTokenSecretKey = "token-secret"

    // BootstrapTokenExpirationKey is when this token should be expired and no
    // longer used. A controller will delete this resource after this time. This
    // is an absolute UTC time using RFC3339. If this cannot be parsed, the token
    // should be considered invalid. Optional.
    BootstrapTokenExpirationKey = "expiration"

    // BootstrapTokenDescriptionKey is a description in human-readable format that
    // describes what the bootstrap token is used for. Optional.
    BootstrapTokenDescriptionKey = "description"

    // BootstrapTokenExtraGroupsKey is a comma-separated list of group names.
    // The  bootstrap token will authenticate as these groups in addition to the
    // "system:bootstrappers" group.
    BootstrapTokenExtraGroupsKey = "auth-extra-groups"

    // BootstrapTokenUsagePrefix is the prefix for the other usage constants that specifies different
    // functions of a bootstrap token
    BootstrapTokenUsagePrefix = "usage-bootstrap-"

    // BootstrapTokenUsageSigningKey signals that this token should be used to
    // sign configs as part of the bootstrap process. Value must be "true". Any
    // other value is assumed to be false. Optional.
    BootstrapTokenUsageSigningKey = "usage-bootstrap-signing"

    // BootstrapTokenUsageAuthentication signals that this token should be used
    // as a bearer token to authenticate against the Kubernetes API. The bearer
    // token takes the form "<token-id>.<token-secret>" and authenticates as the
    // user "system:bootstrap:<token-id>" in the "system:bootstrappers" group
    // as well as any groups specified using BootstrapTokenExtraGroupsKey.
    // Value must be "true". Any other value is assumed to be false. Optional.
    BootstrapTokenUsageAuthentication = "usage-bootstrap-authentication"

    // ConfigMapClusterInfo defines the name for the ConfigMap where the information how to connect and trust the cluster exist
    ConfigMapClusterInfo = "cluster-info"

    // KubeConfigKey defines at which key in the Data object of the ConfigMap the KubeConfig object is stored
    KubeConfigKey = "kubeconfig"

    // JWSSignatureKeyPrefix defines what key prefix the JWS-signed tokens have
    JWSSignatureKeyPrefix = "jws-kubeconfig-"

    // BootstrapUserPrefix is the username prefix bootstrapping bearer tokens
    // authenticate as. The full username given is "system:bootstrap:<token-id>".
    BootstrapUserPrefix = "system:bootstrap:"

    // BootstrapDefaultGroup is the default group for bootstrapping bearer
    // tokens (in addition to any groups from BootstrapTokenExtraGroupsKey).
    BootstrapDefaultGroup = "system:bootstrappers"

    // BootstrapGroupPattern is the valid regex pattern that all groups
    // assigned to a bootstrap token by BootstrapTokenExtraGroupsKey must match.
    // See also util.ValidateBootstrapGroupName()
    BootstrapGroupPattern = `\Asystem:bootstrappers:[a-z0-9:-]{0,255}[a-z0-9]\z`

    // BootstrapTokenPattern defines the {id}.{secret} regular expression pattern
    BootstrapTokenPattern = `\A([a-z0-9]{6})\.([a-z0-9]{16})\z`

    // BootstrapTokenIDPattern defines token's id regular expression pattern
    BootstrapTokenIDPattern = `\A([a-z0-9]{6})\z`

    // BootstrapTokenIDBytes defines the number of bytes used for the Bootstrap Token's ID field
    BootstrapTokenIDBytes = 6

    // BootstrapTokenSecretBytes defines the number of bytes used the Bootstrap Token's Secret field
    BootstrapTokenSecretBytes = 16


var KnownTokenUsages = []string{"signing", "authentication"}

KnownTokenUsages specifies the known functions a token will get.

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