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package metrics

import ""

Package metrics provides abstractions for registering which metrics to record.


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var (
    // RequestLatency is the latency metric that rest clients will update.
    RequestLatency LatencyMetric = noopLatency{}
    // RequestResult is the result metric that rest clients will update.
    RequestResult ResultMetric = noopResult{}

func Register Uses

func Register(lm LatencyMetric, rm ResultMetric)

Register registers metrics for the rest client to use. This can only be called once.

type LatencyMetric Uses

type LatencyMetric interface {
    Observe(verb string, u url.URL, latency time.Duration)

LatencyMetric observes client latency partitioned by verb and url.

type ResultMetric Uses

type ResultMetric interface {
    Increment(code string, method string, host string)

ResultMetric counts response codes partitioned by method and host.

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