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package buffer

import ""


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type RingGrowing Uses

type RingGrowing struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

RingGrowing is a growing ring buffer. Not thread safe.

func NewRingGrowing Uses

func NewRingGrowing(initialSize int) *RingGrowing

NewRingGrowing constructs a new RingGrowing instance with provided parameters.

func (*RingGrowing) ReadOne Uses

func (r *RingGrowing) ReadOne() (data interface{}, ok bool)

ReadOne reads (consumes) first item from the buffer if it is available, otherwise returns false.

func (*RingGrowing) WriteOne Uses

func (r *RingGrowing) WriteOne(data interface{})

WriteOne adds an item to the end of the buffer, growing it if it is full.

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