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package generators

import ""

Package generators has the generators for the client-gen utility.


Package Files

client_generator.go generator_for_clientset.go generator_for_expansion.go generator_for_group.go generator_for_type.go

func DefaultNameSystem Uses

func DefaultNameSystem() string

DefaultNameSystem returns the default name system for ordering the types to be processed by the generators in this package.

func NameSystems Uses

func NameSystems(pluralExceptions map[string]string) namer.NameSystems

NameSystems returns the name system used by the generators in this package.

func Packages Uses

func Packages(context *generator.Context, arguments *args.GeneratorArgs) generator.Packages

Packages makes the client package definition.

type ExceptionNamer Uses

type ExceptionNamer struct {
    Exceptions map[string]string
    KeyFunc    func(*types.Type) string

    Delegate namer.Namer

ExceptionNamer allows you specify exceptional cases with exact names. This allows you to have control for handling various conflicts, like group and resource names for instance.

func (*ExceptionNamer) Name Uses

func (n *ExceptionNamer) Name(t *types.Type) string

Name provides the requested name for a type.



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