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package scheme

import ""


Package Files


type GenScheme Uses

type GenScheme struct {
    OutputPackage  string
    Groups         []clientgentypes.GroupVersions
    GroupGoNames   map[clientgentypes.GroupVersion]string
    InputPackages  map[clientgentypes.GroupVersion]string
    OutputPath     string
    ImportTracker  namer.ImportTracker
    PrivateScheme  bool
    CreateRegistry bool
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

GenScheme produces a package for a clientset with the scheme, codecs and parameter codecs.

func (*GenScheme) Filter Uses

func (g *GenScheme) Filter(c *generator.Context, t *types.Type) bool

We only want to call GenerateType() once.

func (*GenScheme) GenerateType Uses

func (g *GenScheme) GenerateType(c *generator.Context, t *types.Type, w io.Writer) error

func (*GenScheme) Imports Uses

func (g *GenScheme) Imports(c *generator.Context) (imports []string)

func (*GenScheme) Namers Uses

func (g *GenScheme) Namers(c *generator.Context) namer.NameSystems

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