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package util

import ""


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var ReadonlyVerbs = []string{

ReadonlyVerbs represents a list of read-only verbs.

var SupportedVerbs = []string{

SupportedVerbs is a list of supported verbs for +onlyVerbs and +skipVerbs.

type Tags Uses

type Tags struct {
    // +genclient
    GenerateClient bool
    // +genclient:nonNamespaced
    NonNamespaced bool
    // +genclient:noStatus
    NoStatus bool
    // +genclient:noVerbs
    NoVerbs bool
    // +genclient:skipVerbs=get,update
    // +genclient:onlyVerbs=create,delete
    SkipVerbs []string
    // +genclient:method=UpdateScale,verb=update,subresource=scale,input=Scale,result=Scale
    Extensions []extension

Tags represents a genclient configuration for a single type.

func MustParseClientGenTags Uses

func MustParseClientGenTags(lines []string) Tags

MustParseClientGenTags calls ParseClientGenTags but instead of returning error it panics.

func ParseClientGenTags Uses

func ParseClientGenTags(lines []string) (Tags, error)

ParseClientGenTags parse the provided genclient tags and validates that no unknown tags are provided.

func (Tags) HasVerb Uses

func (t Tags) HasVerb(verb string) bool

HasVerb returns true if we should include the given verb in final client interface and generate the function for it.

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