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package args

import ""


Package Files


func Validate Uses

func Validate(genericArgs *args.GeneratorArgs) error

Validate checks the given arguments.

type CustomArgs Uses

type CustomArgs struct {
    VersionedClientSetPackage string
    InternalClientSetPackage  string
    ListersPackage            string
    SingleDirectory           bool

    // PluralExceptions define a list of pluralizer exceptions in Type:PluralType format.
    // The default list is "Endpoints:Endpoints"
    PluralExceptions []string

CustomArgs is used by the gengo framework to pass args specific to this generator.

func NewDefaults Uses

func NewDefaults() (*args.GeneratorArgs, *CustomArgs)

NewDefaults returns default arguments for the generator.

func (*CustomArgs) AddFlags Uses

func (ca *CustomArgs) AddFlags(fs *pflag.FlagSet)

AddFlags add the generator flags to the flag set.

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