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Command prerelease-lifecycle-gen

prerelease-lifecycle-gen is a tool for auto-generating api-status.csv files.

Given a list of input directories, it will create a zz_api_status.go file for all beta APIs which indicates the kinds, the release it was introduced, the release it will be deprecated, and the release it will be removed.

Generation is governed by comment tags in the source. Any package may request Status generation by including a comment in the file-comments of one file, of the form:

// +k8s:prerelease-lifecycle-gen=package

// +k8s:prerelease-lifecycle-gen:introduced=1.19 // +k8s:prerelease-lifecycle-gen:to-be-deprecated=1.22 // +k8s:prerelease-lifecycle-gen:to-be-removed=1.25

Note that registration is a whole-package option, and is not available for individual types.

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