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package namer

import ""


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func NewTagOverrideNamer Uses

func NewTagOverrideNamer(tagName string, fallback namer.Namer) namer.Namer

NewTagOverrideNamer creates a namer.Namer which uses the contents of the given tag as the name, or falls back to another Namer if the tag is not present.

type TagOverrideNamer Uses

type TagOverrideNamer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

TagOverrideNamer is a namer which pulls names from a given tag, if specified, and otherwise falls back to a different namer.

func (*TagOverrideNamer) Name Uses

func (n *TagOverrideNamer) Name(t *types.Type) string

Name returns the tag value if it exists. It no tag was found the fallback namer will be used

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